You, My Muse.


Let’s find it,
Though we never had it.
Everybody needs inspiration
Will you be mine?
Lend me your life
For my paper and ink
Lend me your smile
For my typewriter and ink
Lend me your tears
For my printer and ink.
Don’t doubt the creativity
Anticipate the intensity.

6 stars for my imagery.
My words capture your breath,
The frosty haze your cold breath makes on the window.
5 stars for my catching you in a lie.
No, you didn’t raise the dead
Or lead the war in Kryptonia.
Yes, you are just an average Joe.
Average Joe in the greatest battle
The battle of everyday life.
In the throes of friendship
And the passion of betrayal
The confusion of lust,
And the frail heart in love.
4 stars for my exaggeration.
Your simple dull life,
Becomes the world’s no 1 bestselling
Bestselling in fantasy
My exaggeration of your dreams,
The fiction
Upon which is the greatest President’s speech based on.
3 stars for the beauty.
The beauty that is to be your identity
The beauty that is my imagination
The beauty that is my muse
The beauty you are.
2 stars for the pain.
The pain, the torture,
The embarrassment, the shame,
The confidence, the strength,
The pride, the honor,
The humility, the vanity
In lending your life to me
Lending that I may find what I never lost.
You, my muse,
You, my inspiration.
1 star for finding you
Meeting you,
Needing you,
Loving you
And your reciprocation
0 star for failure to find a better muse.
Blame me not,
My spaceship got delayed in air traffic
So I had to do with Earth”s best.


Rag Queen


8 years old and life is a bliss.
The playground is her castle
And she’s the queen of her dreams.
In the one room apartment
At the corner of the street,
She lives with her widowed mother
She dresses in rags
And hand me downs
Suitable for a rag queen
Yet she carries herself high
Higher than the richest
She had ever known or seen.
Her dignity. Not pride.

At 10, the world had changed.
The wind was colder,
The bite in the frost was sharper.
Fate had been cruel.
Things had started to look up for them.
Her mother now had many generous friends.
Funny how they were non female
And all seemed to be leaving when she’s arriving.
Her garments got better.
There was now more food.
Until fate found a new friend.
Fate courted a generous friend
That gave a gift.
The angel of death
Gave it’s gift
On her 10th birthday.
The neighbors came to take her away.
As the police dragged her mother’s cold body out the door.

…To Be Continued…
What do you think will become of her? Leave your comments and suggestions.

Writers, WRITE!

“Every writer I know has trouble writing.” –Joseph Heller

Writers write one amazing piece get so much applause for it and then stops. The fear of the unknown response sets in. what if people don’t like my next piece as well as that one. The possibility of just sticking to that one piece and just keep bringing it up over and over rises higher and higher with every compliment and round of applause.

This then brings up the issue of inconsistency! Writers block starts to set in. fear makes people not want to move from where they are to where they should be could be ought to be.

How long shall we writers dwell on past glory. How long shall we let a tap on the back prevent us from taking a step forward?

As much as criticism does a blow to one’s self esteem especially when not properly constructed or when so much effort has been put into the work. I do believe that criticism is the fuel that drives each of us; Takes us past our fears.
we are ready to face the world. we are ready to claim new glories everyday, each day. with our forever fresh ideas, perspectives, stle, flow, rhythm, wit, sarcasm, humor, love, expression, imagery, illustration, artistry and all that makes us who we are, we make our world and create our universe.

“Endings are better than beginnings. Sticking to it is better than standing out.”-Solomon

“Every writer that read this was inspired to write.” –Cecilia


This is a poem written by a friend called Phemypoet( After he read my poem “You, My Muse”, he was inspired to write (after 6 months of not writing) this very beautiful piece below which he has titled “MUSE”…Enjoy 🙂

Ink, pen, words; where art thou?
The words, the lines, the rhymes of a poet
Not just the rhythmic vibe but a soul
A life, a body; a holly duet

The ink is but a mignon sign
A flow of ceaseless nine
Gooey colors of eternal thoughts
Lasting tints on pure hearts

The pen, the teeny tool
Raving the sheets,
Sketching the hearts
A driver; a poet’s might

Words; mighty alpha of thoughts
Bearer of conceited concepts
World, life, being; eternally whole
Mightier than a poet’s whole

But precision is my woe; clarity my confusion
Life marred, ponder barredI could but could not
I know but know not
Thoughts flow but not words in tune
Muse be not far; thoughts need potent words

Her Insecurity

Everything hurts,
Every criticism leaves a mark in this porcelain heart of hers.
With every step she takes, she looks around making sure you all are still with her.
Dare she to be different?
Dare she to be independent?
Dare she do something out of the usual or normal or what they have termed acceptable?
Dare she be who she really wants to be?
And risk getting their disapproval?
And risk getting their support?
And risk being accepted?
And risk being ‘among’?

Yea, yes. She knows, she knows.
She’s not supposed to care what anyone else thinks.
She’s not supposed to dwell on criticisms.
She’s not supposed to let it affect what she truly believes.
She’s not supposed to be bothered when people don’t like her because she is being who she is.
She’s not supposed to be afraid that she will not be accepted.
To pretend like everything is okay when she’s not ‘among’; when she’s not treated as one but as an exception.
She’s supposed to be true to herself, no matter what happens, what anyone says or thinks
Yea, yes. She knows, she knows.

But she is true to herself when she says it hurts and she doesn’t know how to get over it.
She doesn’t know how to be robotic like you.
She doesn’t know how to grow an icebox like yours.
She doesn’t know how to turn it off.
She doesn’t know how to not care.

But can you honestly tell her that you really do not care what anyone else thinks?
Their opinion doesn’t ever matter?
Criticisms never get to you?

Just Talk It

“It’s not working out anymore; you are just not the same person”
“It’s not working out anymore; I just can’t/don’t understand you.”

Everybody has either heard one or two of these phrases before or knows at least one person who has.

Relationships are usually tricky because it is based on one tool that although seemingly easy, is one of the hardest things to wear a t-shirt for that says ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’.

There’s an entire planet in-between a lady’s world and a man’s world. So how do two independent indigenes each of their own serious culture socialization, come together to form their own country without one trying to form Biafra and causing civil war 3000,(that will eventually be turned into a movie stereotype).

Communication! Comunicación! Communicationem! Communication!

Yes, communication; the exchange and flow of information and ideas from one person to another. It involves a sender transmitting an idea, information, or feeling to a receiver. (U.S. Army 1983).

I know, I know. Right now, you’re like huh? What is this b on about? Ofcourse we talk!
Communication is beyond, “hey love”, “hi dear”, “hello babe”, “what’s up?”, “How was your day?” “What did you do today?”!
Stop expecting the other person to always know that’s what’s up or that’s how you feel now. Dying silently on the inside is the loudest killer. No mind reading, except you are involved with a psychic. Well in that case, Congrats! But then, what happens when you have to read his/her mind? You will become a psychic too?
Whoever said relationships aren’t work should remain lazy and single. If it’s not worth fighting for, then it’s not worth the wasting of your time because that’s what it will end up being.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying relationships are just stress filled and work work work! No! I’m saying that if we all be true to ourselves, we realize that a lasting happy relationship requires a level of work before a certain kind of routine and method is formed in which the parties settle into, that now makes it seem more relaxed but really is the same initial process that just seems easier over time. That heady, heart stopping feeling isn’t what gets you through to the end. Movies last as long as the movies last; some of those people can’t even stand each other in real life. Some of those authors have never felt love before. So why are you basing what a relationship ought to be like and how it would last on delusions that cost you money?

As simple as ‘communication’ sounds, it is as I said earlier tricky. You are in truth always wondering what you should say and not say. What you should ask and what you shouldn’t. There are things you want him/her to say but you want to do what you think is the right thing by giving him/her space. And he/she is there waiting for you to ask! Er, Warning…system has caught a small virus. Don’t forget that viruses spread. The large always starts from small. The most complicated always starts from a simple miss match. So in this case be would it be so wrong to say: “Listen babe, I would really like to know why blah blah blah…but I’m going to respect you and give you your space”. Now that right there is communication!

So on to the how: How do you get so good at that?
In life generally, talent is never enough, ‘it just comes to me naturally’ isn’t it either! It’s through knowledge and practice! Be it empirical or simple common knowledge or studied knowledge. The knowledge was communicated to you. (Empirically- that’s Mother Nature saying “boy/girl what’s wrong with you; don’t you see you’re wrong?!).
In applying this important part of life, ask yourself questions about the person you are with. I’m not going to give you the questions to ask but here are a few simple examples: how much do you know about his/her past or where his/her future is headed? How much do you guys share? Do I really listen? Do I talk more than I listen? Do we really communicate or we just talk? How much do you know about the type of person he is? How much do I know about the people that influence his choices and decisions that make him/her who he/she is? Do I make myself approachable when she/he needs to talk? Can I really talk to him/her?

Read books! Learn about relationships. Sorry guys, but there is no relationship school. Nowhere to go and study, life is the home tutor. But at least you have textbooks that you can rely on! Read books on relationships and communication. If you are going to put so much time and energy into it, you might as well know what you are doing! If not, why waste your time then?

Practice! Practice! Practice!
Just like the man who looks at himself in the mirror and walks away forgetting what he looks like is the same as the person who listens and reads and doesn’t practice! Why gather so much information if it is not going to be useful to you? Er spend your time on something more profitable then.
Practice communication…talk about things with this person. Friendship should be the first thing you feel and enjoy with this person for a true relationship. Mention those things that are being swept under the carpet. Not necessarily to discuss it but to say hey, I’m here we can talk about it. Talk about the external factors that play a role in your relationship e.g. your other friends that affect your relationship and how much you are gonna let them affect you two.
‘I don’t want to talk right now, but I’m glad you asked and are concerned; if I can we’ll talk about it later” is so much nicer than “please just give me space I’m not in the mood”.

Just remember that sometimes the unsaid might be the simple drop in the ocean that leads to “I’m sorry but I can’t do this anymore”
“It’s not working out anymore; you are just not the same person”
“It’s not working out anymore; I just can’t/don’t understand you.”

p.s. this article is for only people that want to make their relationships work and last.Live, Love and Learn!

More please, Friend?

I think the whole world crumbles when a friend leaves
Not when a guy leaves.
It is the hardest breakup
Our memories are purer than false laughter and awkward conversations
But I refuse!
I will not be blackmailed
To change my simple true, pure and genuine love of friendship and trust
To tainted versions of passion and lust,
Worrying, scheming, games and silence suffering,
To tainted love and unknowledgeable romance.
To say you want more,
Is to spit at what we have now in the face.
Does it really mean so much less for you?
To risk what we have now?
To risk a friend
To risk a shoulder I cry on
To risk my partner in crime?
To risk us?
To risk our friendship.
How can you ask of me such?
No emotional blackmail for me.
To say we cant be friends anymore because it is not enough of what you want,
Is harder to hear than it’s not me, it’s you;
Is harder to hear than she’s just everything you’re not which is all I need.
Throw stones, aim daggers, gather the bombs,
Fruitless! It wont get you far
This heart of mine is long gone
To the grave of the deserted
A cold land, in an ice box to save the fragments of the remains…